50 Beautiful Lake House Living Room Ideas

Beautiful Lake House Living Room Ideas (43)

However, the living room is the closest space to looking livable at the moment, so I thought I’d start there. It’s a sort-of great room actually, where the kitchen and dining room and living room are all combined in one big space.

From board games and movie nights to naps and reading, the lake house living room is where it all happens. When it comes to gathering and enjoying company, the living room is the binding agent that brings everyone together. Make it cozy with traditional, comfy furniture, a small coffee table, and plenty of blankets for everyone to wrap up in.

The lake house is where things are simpler, and your dining area is no exception. Here, mismatched seating, open shelves, and savvy storage make this space useful and full of personality. Comfy wicker chairs soften the room, while floating shelves keep extra dishes and serving tools close at hand. Bring café style metal chairs around a wide, heavy table to complete the look.


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